Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Windows 7 crashes

As you've probably learned from my last article, I've just installed the latest Windows 7 beta; it sometimes freezes and neither CTRL+ALT+CANC works.
Here is the video of what happens.



wisher said...

I think it is WMware fault!

The Beez' said...

"Under the wire" blogger, how can you be so sure that it is the fault of VMWare? Where is your dazzling analysis of this problem?

Or is it rather the mantra: "please, don't let it be Windows 7, please, don't let it be Windows 7"..

Relax man, it is BETA software. Figure out that it is, mail it for free to this billion dollar company and pray it makes it into the zero bug release.

wisher said...

@The Beez': executing the same steps on a real hardware all is working properly.
I know you will say that this is not a proof that this is a WMware fault and not a bug, but I don't expect to hear that form a Linux user that is doing ethical fudding.